Dundas Castle Roscoe NY

Dundas of Philadelphia

James Dundas

of Philadelphia

Son of: John Dundas  of Manour, Scotland

and: Anne Murray

born on: 1734 at Manour Scotland

died on: 16/1/1788 in Philadelphia. Interred in Christ Church burial ground Philadelphia.

  Founded with George Bartram the firm of Bartram and Dundas.
    In 1754, James Dundas went out to Jamaica to take charge of the estate of Mr Stirling of Keir and three years later moved to Philadelphia.


X  11/5/1758 Elizabeth Moore, who died 31/8/1787

the following children were born of this union:

1. John Dundas

2. Thomas Dundas  born 2/6/1765, died 20/8/1772

3. James Dundas  born 25/8/1771, died in infancy
4. Burnet Dundas born 28/9/1781, died 16/7/1852, buried at Trinity Church Cemetery Constantia, Oswego County New York, married 10/9/1827 Emily Jewel, who died 1830 and had issue:




Burnet Dundas married 2ndly, 10/11/1832, Miss Johanna Louisa Vethake, daughter of the late F A Vethake of Constantia





A. George Frederick Dundas died in infancy

B. Anna Scriba Dundas, born 11/6/1828, married Seymour Smith and had six children.



  5. Anna Dundas  born 9/5/1760, died in infancy

6. Elizabeth Dundas  born 1/5/1761, died 5/9/1762

7. Maria Dundas  born 24/6/1766, married 1st 1788, Frederick Starman who died of yellow fever in 1793. They had 4 children. Maria married 2ndly 1796, George Scriba, (the widower of her sister Sarah).  Maria died 1798

8. Sarah Dundas  born 25/9/1767, married 1789, George Scriba. Sarah died 24/6/1892

9. Susannah Dundas  born 24/8/1769, died in infancy

10. Margaret Dundas, born 20/4/1772, died in infancy

11. Elizabeth Dundas  born 20/1/1764, married 27/10/1785, Henry Pratt and had issue:
A. Mary Ann Pratt

B. Anna Maria Pratt , married her cousin James Dundas

C. James Dundas Pratt , born 23/4/1789, died 25/9/1853. A merchant in Philadelphia. Married, 1810, Ann Taylor and left issue along with 8 other children; James Dundas Pratt, born 1816, married Eleanor Hall Comly.



D. Henry Pratt

E. Sarah Clementina Pratt

F. Henry Dundas Pratt

11. Susannah Dundas  born 2/12/1770, died 10/12/1777
  12. Anna Dundas  born 24/11/1762, married 24/4/1793 Friedrich Scriba.

Thomas Dundas

of Philadelphia

Son of: John Dundas  of Manour Scotland

and: Anne Murray

born on: 1738

died on: 25/4/1805

Occupations : After initially settling in Philadelphia, Thomas became a merchant in the neighbouring city of Reading. In 1778 he took the oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth.

  the following children were born of this union
1. William Dundas  died 1808, unmarried
  2. Jane Dundas  born 4/4/1774, married Marks John Biddle, 1793 and had issue:
  James Dundas Biddle m. Frances Wood (1815), and d. 1822 leaving issue: 
    Marks John Biddle
    James Dundas Biddle.
  Hannah Dundas Biddle. m.1st.Jonathan Good and 2nd Abraham Addams and
died 1859. Had issue by 1st marriage:
    John Good
  Frances Dundas Biddle m. Joseph R. Priestley and d. 1878. Had issue:
    Joseph Priestley (m. Hannah Taggart)
    Eliza Priestley (m. Thos. Lyons)
    Marks J. B. Priestley (m. Mary Taggart)
    Fanny Priestley (m. Henry Toulman)
    Jane Priestley (m. Conyers Button).
  Lydia Biddle m. David F. Gordon, of Reading and d. 1848. Had issue: 
    James B Gordon d. s. p.
    Elizabeth F Gordon
    Jane Dundas Gordon (m. J. Brinton White)
    Clara Gordon.
  Elizabeth Eckert Biddle m. Edward Anderson, and d. 1876 leaving issue:
    Alexander Anderson (m. Anise Hull)
    J. Lesley Anderson(m. Hester Agnes Carroll)
    Marks Biddle Anderson
  Jane Biddle, d. unmarried 1849
  Ann Biddle, d. unmarried 1882

John Dundas

of Philadelphia and Alexandria

Son of: James Dundas

and: Elizabeth Moore

born on: 20/2/1759

died on: 30/8/1815

Occupations : In addition to agricultural pursuits, John operated a flour mill and a warehouse. He settled in Alexandria where he had acquired a large acreage in Fairfax County. The Dundas home was known as Dundas Castle.
  X  28/3/1785 Agnes Hepburn
  the following children were born of this union:
  1. James Hepburn Dundas
  2. William Hepburn Dundas
  3. John Dundas  born 8/3/1794, died 31/7/1794
  4. John Dundas of Alexandria
  5. Thomas Dundas
  6. Henry Thompson Dundas
  7. Edwin Burnet Dundas  born 12/9/1805, died unmarried
  8. Nancy Moore Dundas  born 14/2/1788, married 23/5/1811 Newton Keene
  9. Eliza Dundas
  10. Sophia Matilda Dundas born Virginia, 24/21791, married 1811 Captain West Peyton and died Blue Sulphur Springs, 1870.



James Hepburn Dundas

of Philadelphia

Son of: John Dundas

and: Agnes Hepburn

born on: 21/6/1786

died on: 4/7/1865
Admitted to the Philadelphia bar 4/10/1809. He did not however confine his energies to the legal profession, but became a dominant figure in commercial circles and the world of finance. He invested heavily in the coal trade and was a leading factor in the expansion of this industry.
In 1830, he purchased the site known as Lafayette Vauxhall Gardens and in 1839 built the famous "Yellow Mansion" the scene of many of Philadelphia's leading social events.
In 1828, when his father's cousin, Ralph Peter Dundas died, James Hepburn Dundas fell heir to the Manour Estate in Scotland. In 1829, James Hepburn Dundas filed a claim to the estate of Manour. He was opposed by his cousin Colonel Thomas Dundas, on the ground that he was not a British subject and therefore debarred from succeeding on the ground of alienage.  Both the Court of Session and the House of Lords decided in favour of Colonel Thomas Dundas, who accordingly succeeded as heir on entail.

X  Anna Maria Pratt, who died 1851 (his cousin)

the following children were born of this union:
  1. Virginia Dundas, born 14/7/1810, died  6/8/1810
  2. William Henry Dundas , born 24/8/1812, died 10/12/1813
  3. Elizabeth Dundas , died in infancy
Lengthy and bitter litigation followed the death of James Hepburn Dundas. He had left a large real and personal estate, valued at over one million dollars. James Dundas had tried to avoid this and had given specific legacies and annuities. His will shows that he divided his estate into forty equal shares between various family members. However this was not enough to prevent the litigation that followed his death.


The Yellow Mansion, home of James Dundas

Nancy Moore Dundas

of Philadelphia

Daughter of: John Dundas

and: Agnes Hepburn

born on: 14/2/1788

died on:


  23/5/1811, Newton Keene
  the following children were born of this union:
  Agnes Dundas Keene
  John Keene
  Charles Keene
  Newton Kenne
  Nancy Keene, married 1st, Henry Blake, 2nd, Henry Smith

Agnes Dundas Keene

Daughter of: Nancy Moore Keene  nee Dundas

and: Newton Keene

born on: 27/12/1822

died on: 11/4/1902
  Agnes spent many years as a member of the family circle of her uncle, James Dundas in the famous "Yellow Mansion," he having been childless for a long period.

X  2/5/1839 Joshua Lippincott, died 1880

the following children were born of this union;

James Dundas Lippincott, born 6/6/1840, although twice married, James died 6/3/1905 without issue

Anna Maria Dundas Lippincott, born 1850, married 9/6/1868, Major William Wilberforce Wurts, (born 1841) whose surname was changed by legal procedure to Wurts-Dundas. She died at Nice 11.1.1897. Her husband died at Nice, France in 1897. They had four children:

  1. Joshua Wurts Dundas

  2. Thomas Wurts Dundas

  3. Elizabeth Wurts Dundas

  4. Ralph Wurtz-Dundas, born 1871 in France and died 1921. Married Josephine Harmer who died 29/1/1929 and had one child;

James Boone and his wife Muriel Harmar Wurtz Dundas


Muriel Harmar Wurtz-Dundas who married James R. Herbert Boone of Baltimore, Maryland in 1930 and died in 1970. Buried in London Park Cemetery, Baltimore.

JAMES R. HERBERT BOONE, left his Baltimore home, the Oak Hill House, and art collection to Hopkins to support the humanities. The University used part of the proceeds of these gifts to endow this professorship. Mr. Boone and his wife, Muriel Harmar Wurtz-Dundas Boone, spent much of their married life in Europe where they were granted audiences with the Pope and royalty in England and Italy. Mr. Boone made headlines in the 1930s for funding a lengthy but unsuccessful hunt for sunken treasure off the English coast. He died in 1983.


  5. William Wurtz Dundas, born 1875, died 1893


Ralph Wurts-Dundas a multi millionaire, purchased property at Beaverkill  in 1915, and began construction of a castle at Craig-e-Clare, also known as Dundas Castle, shortly thereafter.

He died in 1921, before the building was completed, and since his wife and later his daughter (shown above) as well, had been confined to an institution due to mental instability, no one ever lived in the magnificent stone structure. Unless, of course, you believe the legends that began to circulate in the 1930s of the seductive woman with the long blond hair who regularly lured unsuspecting fishermen to an afternoon's adventure!

Dundas Castle at Craig-e-Clare

April 19th 1902 -New York Times

Philadelphia- The will of Mrs Agnes Dundas Lippincott was probated today, letters testamentary being granted to James Dundas Lippincott, her son. No valuation is placed upon the estate, but it is supposed to be worth considerably more than $5,000,000. James Dundas Lippincott inherits practically the entire estate. To her grandson, Joshua L. R. Wurts Dundas of New York and Bermuda, Mrs Lippincott bequeaths $20,000. The sum of $20,000 is left in trust for Mrs Anna D Smith of Plainfield, N.J. during her life and to Pauline Lessing, Mrs Lippincott's maid, is bequeathed $1,000 outright and an annuity of $350. Benjamin W Richards a nephew is left $5,000. The sum of $15,000 is left in trust for the maintenance of the James Dundas mausoleum in Laurel Hill Cemetery. The rest of the estate goes without reserve to James Dundas Lippincott. No reference is made to the sale of the famous old Dundas mansion at Broad and Walnut Streets, which occupies the most valuable unimproved site in the city.

Apr 21, 1907- New York Times

London, April 20. -- Arthur Fitzroy Somerset Dundas, who says he is a son of the late Mrs. Wurts-Dundas, of Philadelphia, and rightful heir to millions of dollars, stood in the prisoners' dock at Reading to-day, charged with breaking into a private dwelling with the intention of committing suicide. The caretaker of the house found a note protruding from the door. It was signed by Dundas and said he was ill as the result of not being able to find employment, that for days he had been without food and that he had locked himself up with the intention of ending his life. The police were called and broke open the door. They found that Dundas had been trying to hang himself with his suspenders and necktie, but had failed to take his life. When taken before a Magistrate, who ordered that he be held for further enquiries, Dundas said that the orphan's court at Philadelphia had decided against his claim, but that he had appealed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

April 21st 1907 -New York Times

Philadelphia- Arthur Fitzroy Somerset Dundas asserted that he was a son of the late Mrs Wurtz Dundas and the rightful heir of the Wurtz Dundas fortune. He still uses the name of Dundas, despite the action of the courts in this city in deciding against his claim. When he was an infant he was left in care of a nurse and afterwards suffered years of poverty. He first came into public view by declaring that he was a son of Mrs Anna Maria Wurtz Dundas, a daughter of Mrs Joshua Lippincott, owner of the Yellow Mansion, which stood at Broad and Walnut Streets. He sought upon this ground to establish his right to share the inheritance held by Ralph Wurtz Dundas, who was always recognised as the only living son of Mrs Wurtz Dundas. Anna Maria Dundas was a beautiful and talented girl and among the many suitors for her hand was Major William Wurtz, whom she married in 1869. Soon after the marriage the husband adopted the family name of his wife and they went to live in Paris. When the Franco-Prussian war began they went to Brussels. While they were there Ralph Wurtz Dundas was born.


August 15th 1922 -New York Times

A sheriff's jury from the second panel, of which Henry Birrell was foreman, yesterday pronounced incompetent and incapable of managing her estate, Mrs Josephine H Wurtz Dundas , formerly of 22, West Eighty Sixth Street. Mrs Dundas is the widow of the late Ralph W Dundas, who died on Oct 16th last, leaving an only child, Muriel Dundas, 18 years old, now travelling in Europe. Mrs Dundas is a patient in the West Hill Sanitarium at Riverdale, Bronx County, where she was committed on May 1st. Dr Michael J Thornton, Superintendent of the institution , Dr Kirby of the Manhattan State Hospital, Dr Cotton of the Trenton, N.J. State Hospital and Dr Hicks of Kings County Hospital testified as to the mental condition of Mrs Dundas. Her property is valued at $555.145.27. N Taylor Phillips was appointed guardian for Mrs Dundas.

June 20, 1937, - New York Times

Judge Charles Klein of Orphans Court awarded today the $4,218,000 estate of J. Dundas Lippincott to his grandniece, Mrs. James Herbert Boone of New York City. Mr. Lippincott died in 1905, leaving his estate in trust to his wife and the late Ralph Wurts-Dundas of Philadelphia, Mrs. Boone's father.

William Hepburn Dundas

of Washington D.C

Son of: John Dundas

and: Agnes Hepburn

born on: 23/9/1792

died on: 24/1/1861

Occupation: William Hepburn Dundas studied law, but later engaged in mercantile pursuits and for some years was a prominent and very highly regarded merchant in Baltimore. Shortly after 1830, he moved to Washington D.C. where he entered the Post Office Department. In 1852, he was advanced to second assistant postmaster general, which post he held until his death.

  X 9/5/1824  Mary Young Hesselius
  the following children were born of this union:
  Agnes Dundas  born 24/4/1825, died 29/7/1894, unmarried. Interred in the Dundas lot in Congressional Cemetery, Washington.
  Harriet Rachel Dundas
  Mary Hesselius Dundas , born 10/12/1830, died 22/8/1845
  James Dundas , born 19/3/1833, died, 7/4/1836
  Eliza Dundas,
  William Oswald Dundas
  Douglas Fife Dundas , born 13/1/1846, died 3/7/1850

William Oswald Dundas


Son of: William Hepburn Dundas

and: Mary Young Hesselius

born on: 2/9/1841

died on: 6/5/1920. Interred in the Dundas lot, Mount Olivet Cemetery.

  At the outbreak of civil war, William Oswald Dundas espoused the cause of the Confederacy and in 1861 joined a blockade runner at Liverpool, England. He spent the years 1861-2 in this service, the purpose of which was to bring supplies from the British ports to the Confederate States.
    In 1863, William Oswald Dundas was Assistant Paymaster to General Kirby Smith's Dept. In the same year, he was taken a Union prisoner of war being captured at Bolivar.
    In 1879, William Dundas and his wife moved to Abbeville, South Carolina and settled at Montevino, a cotton plantation of four hundred acres. The family remained at Montevino until 1890, where they were engage in cotton farming and the manufacture of bricks. They moved to Philadelphia in 1890 and stayed there until 1908 when they returned to Washington D.C.

  X  21/9/1865  Mary Pamela Marron
  the following children were born of this union:
  1. William Hesselius Dundas, born Washington, 17/3/1863, died 6/9/1880, interred Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington
  2. John Marron Dundas, born Washington, 11/9/1866. Died unmarried
  3. Eliza Dyer Dundas, born Washington, 12/12/1869
  4. James Douglas Dundas, born Washington, 11/10/1871. Died 28/3/1930 at Philadalphia. Interred Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington. Married 27/2/1904, Florence Whitlock Tybout. No issue.
  5. Francis de Sales Dundas, born Washington, 11/12/1873. Married 30/5/1911, Ellen Douglas Mitchell with issue:
A. Francis de Sales Dundas, born Virginia, 18/10/1912. Died 5/11/1925
B. Ellen Douglas Dundas, born Pennsylvania, 23/4/1914.
C. Florence Tybout Dundas, born Pennsylvania, 16/8/1915
D. John Marron Dundas, born Virginia, 27/71921, married 18/12/1971, Mary C Foley
E. William Oswald Dundas, born Virginia, 19/9/1922, married Hilda Marie Tutwiler, died 31/7/2004 and had issue:
  Ellen Marie Dundas
  William Michael Dundas

6. Mary Young Hesselius Dundas, m 1907, Doctor Francis Henry Hodgson
  7. Joseph Anthony Dundas, born South Carolina, 6/7/1880. Married 4/6/1904, Genevieve Campbell Hinchey with issue:
    A. Marie Genevieve Dundas, born Philadelphia, 3/8/1914
    B. Helen Regina Dundas, born Philadelphia, 13/4/1920

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